All started like fantasy, dreaming about wearing four layers of foundation ,with tones of lipsticks and dramatic eyelashes .The Youtube channels of various makeup influencers drew into my attention and I would often watch them. When I take it back we can say 2018 is when I was so passionate about it, I loved art since I was a kid and I did art in high school ,since art doesn’t pay well in Kenya and I wasn’t that advanced into it I turned it to makeup artistry. Last year wasn’t all good with me settling my mind to makeup since there was a lot on the plate for me,I had just lost my foster mother and everything smelt and felt different,furthermore I was in college so I would spend hours on my laptop reading and doing research.
Earlier this year, I regained a little bit of the loss I had to overcome,I decided I was going to do makeup as my profession. I joined a 2 months course at a local place ,where Ramla the known MUA would teach me and show me techniques. If you would get a chance to read this I want to thank you so much Ramla. The journey with you was beautiful and you taught me a lot behind the closed bars as a makeup artist.I did well and I advanced into it,I tried applying my family and friends as my practice. Sometimes I would draw eyebrows that looked like door locks lol, and sometimes I did so well. Am so proud of my mother , my sisters and the whole family as they supported me wholeheartedly. They would buy me products and surprise me.Thank you Mum.
I still have a long way to go into this, my dreams are to become a great makeup influencer with a lot of achievements. I won’t stop learning and I would like to share my knowledge with anyone who would ask me to. InshaAllah by early next year I want to be launching something good for you guys. I am just putting a lot of efforts into it and faith. Otherwise am grateful that everything is control because God got me. The key is believe , trust and work smart.

-Name : Hamida Ibrahim

-Social media : Instagram @makeup_lover1726

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